Download free Limewire 4.9

Limewire 4.9 was realesed some time ago. LimeWire 4.9 was first version of the client wich required Java 1.4 support, which let us begin using non-blocking I/O and many other neat features. In Limewire 4.9 was very popular version and now many peoples prefer to use version 4.9.

Some features of Limewire 4.9:

  • For Limewire 4.9 required Java 1.4 support
  • Auto local network searches
  • Downloads from multiple hosts

The best Limewire 4.9 program features an open community of similar users (defined by interests, computing power, and bandwidth) to optimize search performance. You can run unlimited simultaneous searches or use the popular "Browse Host" ability to find what you seek. The program automatically configures itself for your connection speed and computing power.

Download free Limewire 4.9:

Download free Basic Limewire 4.9 - version for Windows