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Free KaZaa Lite is a continuation of the very popular Kazaa Lite K++ client. There a lot of Kazaa clients but only two are works well:KaZaa Resurrection and Free KaZaa Lite.

All over the world people use KaZaa Lite. The standat languages available in KaZaa Lite: Arabic,
Brazilian Portuguese, French, English, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish.

Some history of KaZaA:

Kazaa and FastTrack were created by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis in March 2000. The official Kazaa client became more widespread, its developers used their ability to automatically update it, changing the protocol in February 2002. The legal problems for Kazaa were however only just beginning. Kazaa's new owner, Sharman, was sued in Los Angeles by the major record labels and motion pictures studios and a class of music publishers.

Free KaZaA Lite. KaZaA lite Screenshot

Now Kazaa still offers a download on its official website for Kazaa 3.25. However, copyrighted music or movies can no longer be downloaded or shared. Copyrighted music cannot be purchased from the website (like Napster, etc).

KaZaA Lite is a hacked version of the original KaZaA Media Desktop that was created by users who were angered by the network's inclusion of secretly embedded spyware and adware in the software.

Download free Kazaa Lite:

You can install Kazaa Lite for free. The minimum system requirements are Internet Explorer 4, Windows Media Player 6.4 and Visual Basic Runtime Files 6.

Download free KaZaA lite

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