Limewire Free Music Download

Limewire allow to download Music for free. One of the most popular methods of obtaining your favourite music nowadays is to download it via the internet. The most efficient method of doing this is by connecting to one of the many Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks that now exist. P2P networks allow the ‘sharing’ of certain files between people connected to that network. So, you can upload music (or anything else for that matter!) to the network, making it available for others to download, and you can download any music, videos, files, etc. that take your fancy!

Limewire is free for music downloads. It is an open source peer-to-peer file sharing client written in Java. It allows users to download files hosted by other users across the globe. With Limewire you can swap music mp3s, exchange music videos and much more. Its simple interface and ad-free program makes it one of the most popular file sharing programs around.

Once you have downloaded your music, you can do whatever you like with it! Create a collection of albums or start collecting music videos! One warning though: these P2P clients always ask you not to download media in order to sell it. This is breaking the law, so don’t do it!

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